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3 Things You Need to Know Today: Feb. 10, 2014

Lots of interesting new stuff going on in the world today. The three following bits of information might come up in conversation today—if they do, you’ll be ahead of the curve…

Dumb Starbucks Coffee Shop Opens Up in California
If you’re in the hipster town of Loz Feliz, you can get your morning coffee at a new coffeehouse—Dumb Starbucks. That’s its name—Dumb Starbucks. It opened up this weekend and no one’s really sure yet if it’s a viral marketing stunt (my guess) or a legit start-up business, but one thing’s for sure—lines have been out the door. Photo: Hollywood Reporter

College Football Recruit Could Be NFL’s First Openly Gay Player
Michael Sam, a defensive lineman for the University of Missouri, publicly came out yesterday. NFL experts are predicting the 24-year-old to be selected early in this May’s draft which would make him the first publicly-out athlete in NFL history. Sam’s interview with The New York Times is a must read. Photo: New York Times

The Evolution Door is the Greatest Door in the World!
When you think about it, doors haven’t changed much over the centuries—the door of a drawstring bridge might be the last truly interesting door we’ve seen. But designer Klemens Torggler has created the Evolution Door made with hinged, interlocking panels. He gets into a lot more detail on his website, Torggler.

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