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3 Things You Need to Know Today: April 3, 2014

Feeling a little out of the loop? Here’s a quick look at some of what’s been going on.

Court Reporter Fired for Repeatedly Typing “I Hate My Job” During Trials
Ever wonder what court reporters are really typing as their hands tap and skip over the odd keyboard designed specifically for recording courtroom trials? In the case of court reporter Daniel Kochanski, it was a lot of gibberish and the words “I hate my job, I hate my job,” over and over. It seems like Kochanski did this in over 30 Manhattan court cases, jeopardizing trials and giving criminals the chance for valid appeals due to missing evidence. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with disliking your job, but there are ways to make your working conditions better. Photo: Shutterstock

Microsoft Launches Their Own Version of Siri
While many of us have been awkwardly barking orders at Siri for years, Microsoft apparently has been biding their time and taking notes. Now, they’ve just announced their own voice assistant for Windows Phone 8.1, and her name is… Cortana. So what can Cortana do? Reports say her best trick is anticipating your questions, feeding you information spontaneously based on your past searches, or even the contents of your email. The future is now, friends! Photo: New York Times

New Research Shows That Even Popular Kids get Bullied in High School
So much for thinking that the kids who get bullied in high school are lower on the popularity echelon than one would normally assume. New research from UC Davis and Penn State discovered that the well-known and well-liked kids at school are the main targets for bullying. Who’s safe? This research showed that only a handful of teens (prom king and queen, and the like) at the apex of campus hierarchy avoid bullying–teens in the middle of the food chain had the most to lose and are usually the biggest targets for bullies. If anything this study tells us that we should just assume no teen is safe from  bullying–give your kids as much preventive help as possible and let them know there are organizations that can help. Photo: Christine Cotter / Los Angeles Times

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