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3 Things You Need to Know Today: April 14, 2014

It’s Monday–welcome back to the week. Here are a few curious nuggets to let you know what’s been happening as of late.

Teen Tweets Terrorist Threat to American Airlines

A 14-year-old girl got herself in hot water Sunday when she tweeted to American Airlines, “I’m part of Al-Qaida and on June 1st I’m going to do something really big bye.” Shockingly, no one at the airline was laughing. Within minutes, they tweeted back to say she was being reported to the FBI. So what’s a plucky teenager to do? After pleading and swearing up and down it was a joke, she simply had to marvel at her instant fame after it went viral: “Over 20k followers yay!” At least she had her priorities straight. Moral of the story: Do not joke about national security, friends! Photo: Twitter

Daytime Nappers More Likely to Die Early?

If you nap during the day, listen up: A new study says you could be more likely to die before age 65. The numbers are kind of steep: From a sample of 16,374 people who reported daytime napping habits, 3,251 died during the 13-year follow-up. Researchers say the association between daytime napping and early death could be because napping itself is sometimes a marker for underlying respiratory problems. Photo: Alamy/Daily Mail

Leo DiCaprio Shows Off His Moves at Coachella
Because we’re truly in an age where everyone can be paparazzi, a fan shot this video of who is said to be Leonardo DiCaprio in heavy disguise, awkwardly dancing up a storm at the Coachella music festival. Is it really Leo? Was it a decoy? Check out his moves and judge for yourself! Either way, let this be a lesson–there’s always potentially somewhere out there recording you!

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