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14 Photos of Fancy Cat Furniture (and Tips on How to Recreate the Designs)

Every piece of cat furniture you see in the following 14 photos was crafted by German designer and carpenter Stefan Hofmann. When Hofmann moved into a new apartment, he unknowingly inherited Mowgli, a stray previously owned by the previous residents.

After a while, Hofmann figured that if Mowgli wasn’t going to leave, he might as well give his new cat a few places to lounge.

The task was to marry function with a minimalist design, and after several years he developed a vast collection of cat furniture including ceiling-mounted walkways, beds, wall-mounted perches, climbing trees—even a matching cabinet that hides litter boxes and cat supplies.

Hofmann eventually realized he had created a massive cat playground and his company, Goldtatze was born. Cat furniture became his passion and a custom-order career was born.

Of course, anyone who has ever bought custom woodwork knows it isn’t cheap, especially boutique cat furniture. For example, Hofman’s cabinet (above) costs about $450.

But with a few of the right tools, it’s not too difficult to get pretty close to Hofmann’s designs. This cabinet making guide covers just about all of the basics—everything from recreating a cabinet to how to hang the wood fixtures to the wall.

Mowgli in his natural habitat.

Wood is key in the design process. Hofmann uses birch in all of his pieces–an excellent (and inexpensive) wood for furniture. Plus, it can be cut and drilled with little difficulty.

Birch is also a pretty easy wood to stain and finish–maybe the easiest considering it’s a closed-pore wood.

(Mowgli eventually got a roommate, Tiggi.)

Important reminder: If you’re gonna hang fixtures from the ceiling, be careful! There’s a specific way to do it without having your cat’s world crashing down on you.

All photos courtesy of Goldtatze. Email Stefan Hofman about orders here.

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