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10 Reasons to Date a Relationship Virgin

Lately I’ve noticed a crazy increase in “relationship virgins”—guys who’ve never had an official girlfriend—and girls are totally freaked out. Don’t be. Here are 10 perfect reasons why relationship virgins are some of the best guys to date.

1. He knows how to cook.
And he doesn’t just make pasta every night. Being on his own has given him the ability to learn how to make the foods he likes, and it’s allowed him to live a healthy and domesticated lifestyle.

2. He’s travelled the world.
He didn’t have anyone to consider so he took 6 months off to backpack through Europe, and he didn’t have to ask permission when he wanted to extend his trip a few extra months to go to Loi Krathong in Thailand.

3. He’s baggage free.
His phone doesn’t blow up from psycho ex-girlfriends, and he hasn’t been traumatized by some long lost love. He’s secure.

4. He’s not on Facebook.
Let’s be honest, social media is mostly used for one thing: creeping on exes. No exes to creep?  No reason for Facebook. Oh, and he probably doesn’t tweet either.

5. He’s busy so that gives you plenty of time for yourself.
Between his job, social life, the gym, and time to unwind, his schedule is packed. When he isn’t crushing it, he’s either enjoying well-deserved time alone or hanging with the guys at a local dive bar. He’s way too busy to be trolling Tinder looking for Mrs. Right.

6. He became successful at a young age.
Maybe he started his first company in his dorm room while you were drunk at a sorority party.  You might have seen him in class, or maybe bumped into him at a social, but he didn’t ask for your number. He looks back without a twinge of regret: his career is booming and he’s looking to retire by 35.

7. He’s totally cool with just staying in.
Just because he’s new to relationships doesn’t mean he hasn’t seen his fair share of parties. In fact, he probably partied more than you considering he’s didn’t have a girl to stay in with and binge-watch Netflix. You get to show him the way there.

8. He has his own friends.
Unlike the level 7 clingers you’ve dated, relationship virgins have their own friends and don’t require your entire weekend. He respects your friendships and expects you to do the same.

9. He has his own hobbies. He’s had time to figure out his genuine interests and knows how to dedicate himself to them. He might not cut out on soccer for Sunday brunch with your friends, but he also won’t ditch your date night if his friends invite him out.

10. He’s not a serial monogamist.
Not saying he’s opposed to a girlfriend, but he’s not on either. He figures when the right girl comes along he’ll sweep her off her feet. That girl can be you.

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