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Chicken wire wreath

I am a bit of a lazy decorator. Although I think it would be fun to have a beautifully decorated house that changes with the seasons, I get busy and put out only a couple of seasonal items. My favorite pieces are the ones that can be used for multiple seasons and holidays. For example, I have a rectangular wooden tray that I fill with apples in the fall and pine cones in the winter.

While shopping at one of the big home improvement stores recently, I saw a wire wreath filled with holiday ornaments. I was inspired to make my own version using chicken wire (called poultry netting in the store), instead of the straight wires the one in the store had. This wreath can be filled with whatever fits for each season and holiday.

Chicken wire wreath supplies

Things You’ll Need

  • 1-inch poultry netting
  • Work gloves
  • Thin, flexible wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Items to fill the wreath
  • Ribbon, yarn or twine to hang

Cut poultry netting

Cut out a piece of poultry netting that measures 12 inches by 60 inches. This will make a large wreath that measures 22 inches across.

Secure wire wreath

Cut 2-inch pieces of the thin, flexible wire. Bend the poultry netting into a long tube. Secure the two sides together with the pieces of small flexible wire. I twisted one around the netting about every 2 1/2 inches.

Twist ends

Bend the tube into a wreath shape and join the ends by twisting the wires together where the two ends meet. At this point, I almost gave up because the wreath looked nothing like a wreath. Keep going, because it will work!

Twist wire

Next, on the inside circle of the wreath, where the two sides meet at the seam, grab two of the poultry netting wires with the needle-nose pliers. Twist the wires in a clockwise motion. Continue around the inside of the wreath, twisting and shortening the wires, pulling the inside circle of the wreath into a smaller circle than the outside.

Fill wire wreath

Bend, twist and straighten the poultry netting until the wreath is the shape you want it to be. Use the wire cutters to make a small flap at the top, on the back side of the wreath. Fill the wreath with pine cones and decorative holiday balls.

Chicken wire pine cone wreath

Fold the flap back into place and secure with wire, if desired. I didn’t secure the flap on mine because it is on the back at the top, where it would be difficult for the pine cones to fall out. Hang the wreath with yarn, twine or ribbon.

Photo credits: Tonia Larson

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