Twinkle Star Tooth Fairy Pillow for Kids

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When I was a kid the tooth fairy left a quarter in exchange for each tooth I lost, and my parents said I was lucky because they only got a nickel.  Well my kids are making out like bandits, and I suspect yours are, too! But still, I just had to design this little tooth fairy pillow with a nod to my childhood and that precious 25 cent piece. Besides, quarters are still awesome in my opinion. (Gumball machines, parking meters at the beach, arcade games–only a quarter!)

To make this Twinkle Star Tooth Fairy Pillow, print the templates and instructions here. (You can also find the instructions below.) Then embellish it and add more sparkle if you like. This star was meant for a boy or girl, so imagine the possibilities!

My favorite detail, hands down, is the happy tooth’s gold crown that I embroidered on with metallic gold thread. It sparkles just perfectly–metallic floss is definitely my new fave. The small crochet trim “crown” at the top of the star was an afterthought. I’m not sure if it works, but I’m keeping it. How will you embellish yours?


Twinkle Star Tooth Fairy Pillow Instructions

Step 1: Cut out the star pattern top and bottom.  Align directly along the dotted lines and tape together.  Trace onto wrong side of star fabric.  Cut two pieces, 1/4″ from traced line.

Step 2: To make the “Happy Tooth” stamp, trace the embroidered details onto a rectangle of linen.  Cut linen to template size and back with fusible web.  Trace the tooth template onto a piece of tissue paper.  Lay the tissue paper on top of white felt and cut out tooth.  Glue the tooth onto linen.  Add embroidered details using one strand of floss, but two strands of floss for the crown.

Step 3: To make the pocket, trace the pattern onto wrong side of fabric.  Cut two pieces 1/4″ from traced line.  With right sides facing, sew along the U-shape.  Turn right side out, fold straight edges inside, press, and top stitch.  Now press the “Happy Tooth” stamp onto the pocket and stitch to secure.

Step 4: Sew the pocket to the front and center of one star piece.  Sew along the U-shape only and backstitch at each end.  Stitch on sequins if desired.  Stitch hanging loop to top of star.

Step 5: Place star back on top of star front, right sides facing.  Pin together.  Sew the star according to template, leaving a 2″ opening for turning right side out.  Turn right side out.  Stuff with polyfil and stitch the turning hole closed by hand.  All done!

Bonus: Sew a crown for your little star by stitching a 3 1/2″ piece of crochet trim together.  Slide onto the top of your star ~ it’s royal!

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