Talk Like a Pirate Day Printable Activity Sheet

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PirateTalkDay-activitysheetwithfeatherscoinssticks-ehowAhoy, me hearties!  And a happy Talk Like a Pirate Day to ye!  Thar be so many holidays that arrrre fun fer lads but can be downright tirin’ fer adults. Wit’ t’is free activity sheet that includes a backyard treasure hunt, cut-‘n-string eyepatch, ‘n a scurvy pirate paper doll to color ‘n dress, ye youngsters gunna be set fer activities while ye relax! Blimey, what a booty for ye and ye kin!

Download yer activity sheet here.PirateTalkDay-eyepatch-ehow As a young lass, I myself wore an eyepatch fer some long hours. T’is one be much more suitable fer piratin’!PirateTalkDay-coloring-ehowGrab some crayons ‘n make that paper scallywag ye lads’ first matey.PirateTalkDay-coinsFeathers-ehow No trusty parrot feathers in ye backyard? Cut some out o’ paper along wit’ construction paper doubloons fer them to bury.PirateTalkDay-burythebooty-ehow Even th’ youngest sailor gunna find it harrrd to resist searchin’ fer tray-sure!PirateTalkDay-piratepaperdoll-ehow Heartly enjoy Talk Like a Pirate Day! Or walk the plank ‘n visit Davey Jones’ locker!


All photos by: Megan Andersen

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