Stuffed Zombie Hand Favor Pouches

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PaperZombieArms-handsandpumpkins-eHowStuffed paper zombie hands make a perfectly frightful favor pouch for trick-or-treaters or for classroom parties. They are equal parts gruesome and fun and are quick to make. Goblins and ghouls as young as 3 can get involved in making them, but all ages will enjoy receiving them!PaperZombieArms-materials-eHow Things You’ll Need

  • Cardstock or construction paper in olive green and red
  • Yellow paint
  • Sponge-tipped paintbrush
  • Paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Stapler and staples
  • Craft sticks with heart bottoms
  • Quick Dry Tacky Glue
  • Stuffing items (stickers, googly eyes, plastic bat rings, gum, small erasers etc.)
  • Clear tape or large, decorative stickers to seal the pouches (Optional)

PaperZombieArms-tracekidarm-eHow With your pencil and green paper, trace the hand, wrist and partial arm of a favorite child.PaperZombieArms-paintnails-eHow Pour a small amount of the yellow paint onto a paper plate. Let your little crafter dab the sponge-tipped brush into the paint and gently press it onto the traced fingertips. If your wee one is concerned that the manicure in progress doesn’t look perfect, reassure the child that when you cut the hand out, you will trim away any excess paint.PaperZombieArms-cutoutgreenarm-eHowAllow the paint to dry, and then cut the hands and arms out of the green paper for your child if he or she is too young to do so.PaperZombieArms-tracegreenhandsongreen-eHowPaperZombieArms-traceforbackpanels-eHow Trace a second set of green hands from the ones your tiny tot painted. These will be the backside of the pouch, so they don’t need any paint. They just need to match the front side of the zombie hand and wrist in shape (no arm needed on the back). PaperZombieArms-GlueBone-eHowRun a thin string of glue along one side of your heart-end craft stick and press the “exposed bone” onto the back side of a hand that has painted nails.PaperZombieArms-staplesaround-eHowAllow the glue to dry, and then staple the matching hand back to its top. Keep the staples as close to the edge of the paper as you can, but leave open the area where the arm bone is exposed.

If the staples look too “crafty” for you, you can use double-sided tape to seal the zombie hands together; however, a child’s hands are pretty small to begin with, so you will lose a lot of pouch space due to the width of the tape. You could run your paper hands through a sewing machine to give them an almost Frankenstein look or just use glue, but if you are making these en masse, staples are by far the fastest way to seal a bunch of paper zombie hand pouches for Halloween.

If your crafter has specific recipients in mind, have the child address the back side of the wooden bone with a recipient’s name.
Give the paper wrist of your zombie hand a squeeze at the seams to open the pouch, and then slip a few goodies inside. Seal the pouch with a piece of clear tape, a sticker or staples.

After the hands are stuffed, add the bloody finishing touch. Cut strips of red paper as wide as the arm of your zombie hand. Then cut the strips into rectangles, but cut one side of the rectangle in a wavy line. Use the Quick Dry Tacky Glue to position the paper cuff at the base of the green hand, wavy side toward the palm.


Allow the hands to dry while you and your mini crafters pat yourselves on the back (feel free to use a paper zombie hand to do this) on a super creepy job well done.

All photos by: Megan Andersen

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