Simple Alteration=Big Change for a Denim Coat

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Denim is a fabric that never goes out of style. To make the most of your denim pieces, make sure the fit is perfect. Quite often for me, in order to get an ideal fit, I have to take in the waist line, especially in the back. This long denim coat was no exception.

To get rid of that pesky bulk in the back, first measure from the bottom of the coat to your waistline. Mark around the coat with chalk.

Cut along the chalk line.

Cut off the sleeves and the side seam.

Put the bodice on your dress form inside out. If you don’t have a dress form, you can put it on yourself and have a friend pin for you. Pin the side seams to fit. Notice that since the back was too big, there is more fabric from the back in the seam. Sew a new 1/2 inch seams and trim.

To bring the back up a bit, pin the seam across the back to fit and sew. Trim, press and topstitch if you’d like.

Put the skirt on your dress form inside out and pin the sides to fit. Sew and trim the new seams.

Right sides together, pin the bodice to the skirt, matching the side seams, darts and fronts.

Sew, press and topstitch the new 1/2 inch seam.

Trim a little off the top of each sleeve.

Right sides together, pin and sew sleeves back into the armholes. Be sure to match the under arm seam.

It still amazes me how just the smallest of fixes can make a world of difference.

I think I’ll be wearing this coat right into spring.

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