Rep Your Home State With a Homemade Stick Puzzle

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There are so many fun ways to showcase state love, from coffee mugs to wall hangings to cellphone cases. Maps and state outlines can be used to show home state pride, moves from state-to-state and favorite vacation spots. A state love gift could be given to newlyweds just starting their lives together, college students away from home or friends and family who live out of state. To show my state love, I decided to make a simple puzzle using craft sticks and a map of my home state: Minnesota!

Start by searching online for a printable state reference map. Find the state you want, download the file and print out the map of your state. Cut out the state and line up enough craft sticks so that the state can be centered on them.

Draw a heart where your favorite city is on the map using a permanent marker. Coat the back of the state with craft glue and place it in the center of the craft sticks.

Allow the glue to dry completely. Brush another layer of craft glue over the top of the state to seal it in place.

Allow the glue to dry completely and then use a craft knife to carefully cut between the craft sticks.

Gather some supplies to make a small bag to hold the puzzle: brightly colored burlap, twine, a hot glue gun and canvas tags.

Cut two rectangles from the burlap about as long as the craft sticks and a couple of inches wide. Hot glue the two long sides and one of the short sides together to form a sleeve.

Use permanent markers to write something about your state love on the canvas tags. I wrote “State of Love” and “Love This Place.”

Use a piece of twine to attach the canvas tag to the burlap sleeve and insert the craft stick puzzle. Now the puzzle is ready to be played with or given as a gift.

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