Monster Finger Puppets for Kids

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HalloweenFingerPuppets-allthreekids-eHowFinger puppets take on a different meaning around Halloween. These finger puppets are exactly that — severed fingers from a yeti, ogre, and a sea monster. Making these with kids is a blast because they not only get to sew and glue to their heart’s content, they will end up with a handful (quite literally) of disturbing digits that results in creative and creepy playtime. Frightfully friendly for ages 6+.HalloweenFingerPuppets-materials-eHow

  • Wool felt in white, gold, olive green, forest greet, yellow or red, blue and purple or teal
  • Pen & paper to draw your own pattern (or use the downloadable pattern I’ve provided)
  • Sharp scissors
  • Needle and thread in green, blue and white
  • Fabric glue
  • Paper plate
  • Toothpicks

HalloweenFingerPuppets-DrawTemplate-eHowDraw your own donut-dotted sea monster tentacles, knobby-knuckled ogre fingers or fuzzy and ferocious yeti claws. Or, you can download the pattern I’ve created for you below by clicking here: HalloweenFingerPuppets-illustratedpattern-eHowHalloweenFingerPuppets-illustratedpattern-eHowCut out the paper patterns and, holding the pattern onto pieces of wool felt (we used white for the yeti, blue for the sea monster, and green for the ogre) cut around each “finger” until you have one wool version of each monster digit. Use that wool digit to make a second, matching piece.HalloweenFingerPuppets-CutAccents-eHowOnce two matching finger pieces are cut from felt, thread a needle of similar color for your kids and put them to work sewing the matching pieces together. Help them keep the stitches as close to the edge of the felt as possible to allow for plenty of room inside for fingers. And remember not to stitch the bottom part of the puppet closed or there will be no place for fingers to go!HalloweenFingerPuppets-SewSquid-eHowHalloweenFingerPuppets-yetistitch-eHowHalloweenFingerPuppets-SewOgre-eHowAfter the puppet pieces are stitched together, knot the thread, cut the loose ends, and begin cutting out your accent pieces from wool felt (if you haven’t already): a curved yellow fingernail for the yeti, suction cups for the sea monster, and fingernails and knuckle wrinkles for your ogre.HalloweenFingerPuppets-OgreModel-eHowPour a bit of fabric glue out on a paper plate. Use toothpicks to spread the glue on the back-side of the accent pieces. Place the accent pieces onto the fingers and allow them to dry completely.HalloweenFingerPuppets-YetiModel-eHowThese are great as a Halloween candy alternative for trick-or-treaters, a fun favor at your Halloween party, or a cute homemade prop in a photo-booth!HalloweenFingerPuppets-Squiddone-eHowKids of all ages find these felt monster finger puppets impossible to resist!HalloweenFingerPuppets-allthreekids-eHow

All photos by: Megan Andersen

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