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I’m a big fan of the mason jar pin cushion, complete with a basic sewing kit inside ~ it’s useful, portable, and convenient. Of course, you could fill the jar with one of those emergency sewing kits from the dollar section and finish it off with a bow. But if you prescribe to the belief that all things in the home should be beautiful or useful (and better off, both), then you’ll want to read on for a few easy tips.

Let’s start by making the mason jar pin cushion. It takes just a few minutes, and you can use a mason jar of any size and dimension. Other supplies you’ll need are: fabric, needle, thread, stuffing, a hot glue gun and an optional felt circle.

1. Measure your pin cushion fabric 2″ larger (on all sides) than the lid ~ no need to be exact. Folding in a 1/4″ of fabric as you go, sew a loose gathering stitch all around the circle.

2. Center the polyfill stuffing in the center of your circle, and place the mason jar lid on top. Then gently pull your thread tails and gather the fabric around the lid.

3. Before knotting your thread, loosen the gathers and run the hot glue gun around the inside of the lid.  Quickly gather the fabric again and press the fabric into the glue against the lid. Now tie a knot. I used the hot glue gun to tuck the thread tails under the fabric.

4. If you’d like, glue a felt circle to the inside of the lid. I don’t think it’s necessary, but you may prefer the “cleaner” look.

5. Slide the mason jar lid ring over the pin cushion and screw onto your jar. Now you have a mason jar pin cushion! Of course, the fun has really just begun. Tie a ribbon around it. Add a gift tag if you like. And let’s fill it up with pretty things!

Start off right by putting some of your favorite fancy pins in the cushion.

Needles will likely end up on top later on, but who wouldn’t love opening this sweet little needle book? It’s super simple and cute, yet functional, and adds a nice touch.

Fold a small piece of scrapbook card stock in half, to make the “book.” Sew a smaller piece of felt to the back page (I love sewing on paper!) Insert needles, then add a handwritten label and seal it closed with washi tape, a sticker, or baker’s twine.

How about some pretty wooden spools for thread and trim?

Vintage spools are great, but you can also get cute wood spools at the craft store. Decorate them with scrapbook paper cut with a paper punch or by hand.  No need to worry about cutting perfect circles ~ the spools won’t be perfectly circular either. Glue a paper circle onto one end of a spool and wrap it with lace, trim, or colored thread. I promise, anything you choose to wrap around one of these spools will look absolutely lovely.

Next, let’s move onto buttons!

I love the look of vintage button cards, don’t you? Those old-fashioned vintage designs are so so sweet ~ I had a lot of fun coming up with some simple designs of my own to share with all of you (printable available below). So get out your button stash and pick out some faves. These cards are such a charming way to dress up your buttons and give ’em away.

Download the Button Card Printable PDF here. Print it onto white card stock for best results. Cut out and sew on the buttons, or glue the button cards first to coordinating scrapbook paper (that’s what I did) and then sew on the buttons.  Cute, cute.

Don’t forget the scissors and a thimble, a tape measure and safety pins ~ you’ll find the most stylish versions of these at your local craft store.  But what’s really important when assembling your sewing kit is to think of the person who will be receiving it… and her/his style. Would she prefer lace wrapped around that wooden spool or brightly colored ribbon? Does she embroider a lot? I bet some perle cotton floss would make a nice addition. Heck, throw in some chocolate truffles ~ because everything is better with chocolate, right?  What will you put in your jar?
Have fun and make it pretty!

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