How to Give Old Folding Chairs a Colorful Makeover

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Purple folding chairs

Somehow, along the way, we’ve accumulated several folding chairs in varying condition. We received a few from a church that was getting rid of them, we picked up a couple while junking and we’ve even bought a few brand-new. They come in so handy when we need extra seating and are easy to store and easy to clean. But a couple of them needed a makeover via adding a glitter paint finish and no-sew pillows as cushions. Let me show you how.

Things You’ll Need

  • Newspaper
  • Spray paint for metal (colored, metallic shimmer and/or glitter), 1 can per chair
  • Spray paint sealer, clear
  • Cloth napkins
  • Seaming adhesive
  • Stuffing
  • Ribbon

Metal folding chair

I started with some old, metal folding chairs. As you can see, ours weren’t in the best condition. I cleaned them off and let them air dry.

Purple glitter spray paint

I covered the ground with newspaper and spray-painted the chairs, following the directions on the can. I started with a metallic shimmer paint and allowed it to dry between layers. I used about one can of spray paint per chair. If the color change is going to be drastic or if you want it to be really vibrant, I would suggest starting with a can of regular spray paint in the same color before using the metallic shimmer paint.

Glitter painted folding chair

Next, I added a couple of coats of glitter spray paint. After completing my chairs, I realized that the metallic shimmer paint would probably have been enough, but if you want the extra glitz, go for it! Have everything ready to go before starting to use the glitter spray paint. I’ve heard that some people have had trouble with the can nozzle getting stuck down, so you’ll want to be able to use it all in one fell swoop. I topped it off with a clear sealer, again following the instructions on the spray paint can.

No sew pillow supplies

I wanted to make some seat cushions for the chairs, but our basement flooded and is now under construction, with my sewing machine in storage. So instead, I made no-sew pillows. I bought four lace-trimmed cloth napkins at a household goods store.

Glue napkins for pillow

To make the pillows, just line the lace-trimmed napkins up with the wrong sides facing each other. Put a bead of the permanent fabric adhesive along the seam of the bottom napkin and, working quickly, adhere the top napkin to it, pressing firmly.

No sew pillow stuffing

Leave one side open, fill the pillow with stuffing and then glue the final side together, adding some ribbon cushion ties, if desired.

Ribbon pillow ties

Folding chair makeover

After the paint and sealer have cured, place the no-sew pillows on the shimmering folding chairs, tie them in place and they are ready to be used. What an improvement! These chairs would be perfect for a little girl’s tea party.

Photo Credits: Tonia Larson

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