Grill It Up Towel

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Stenciled Grilling Towel

Guys love everything about grilling. They like spicing up the food, putting their unique twist on the classics and most of all, they love eating grilled food! As you know, outdoor cooking can get messy and a grilling towel is just what Dad needs. I saw a really fun towel at Craft Whatever and decided to make my own version. I used a freezer paper stencil to paint “Grill It Up” on the towel and used a zipper for the hang tag.

Trace Letters For Stencil

I made a freezer paper stencil as the first step. First, I typed “Grill It Up” in large block letters and printed the words on a piece of paper. Then, I placed a piece of freezer paper — wax-side down — over the letters and traced them onto it with a fine point permanent marker.

Cut Out Letters For Stencil

Then, I used a craft knife to cut the letters out of the freezer paper.

Stencil Letters

I ironed the freezer paper onto the kitchen towel — wax-side down — starting at a corner, making sure that all the edges of the letters attached. Then I used a stencil brush to apply fabric paint using an up-and-down, tapping motion.

Freezer Paper Stencil

I completely covered the letters and allowed the paint to dry.

Peel Off Stencil

Once the paint dried, I carefully peeled off the parchment paper to reveal the letters.

Zipper Hang Tag

Finally, to make a hang tag, I sewed a piece of a zipper to the corner of the towel by hand, opposite from the letters — you can use a sewing machine if you have one. If you don’t have a zipper, you can use a piece of ribbon or even a shoelace.

Hang Grilling Towel

Open the zipper to hang the grilling towel on a hook.

Grilling Towel Hanging On Grill

Now it will be easier to keep clean while grilling. After grilling, toss the dirty towel in the wash so that it’s ready for the next time the man in your life wants to grill it up!

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