Give a Boxy Sweater and Shirt a Feminine Silhouette

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Boxy shirts and sweaters may be comfortable, but let’s face it – they do nothing for our figures. Try combining the two to create an entirely new look. By adding a little elastic to the waistline, you can create a shirt/sweater combo that is both comfortable and has a more flattering silhouette.


Things You’ll Need

  • Two shirts of similar weight (such as a pullover sweater and button-down shirt)
  • Sharp fabric scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing machine with a 90/14 universal needle
  • Thread
  • Washable marking pen
  • Pins
  • 1/4-inch elastic


To determine the new waistline on the button-down shirt, measure the distance from your shoulder to your waist. Hold the beginning of the measuring tape on the top of your shoulder, run it down over your bust, and have a friend read the tape at your waistline. Add 1/2 inch to this measurement for a seam allowance. Mark the measurement on the shirt and cut. You will be using the bottom part of the button-down shirt.


Measure, mark and cut where you’d like the new waistline for the sweater to be (using the same method above). Add 1/2 inch for the seam allowance. You will be using the top part of the pullover sweater.


Change the stitch length of your sewing machine to the longest stitch.


Baste all around the raw edge of the button-down shirt. Sew the stitch line 1/2 inch in from the raw edge.


Mark the front and back centers on both of the raw edges of the button-down shirt and the sweater.


Place the right sides of the sweater and button-down together. (The wrong side of the button-down should be facing you.) Pin the centers and sides of the raw edge of the button-down shirt to the raw edge of the sweater.


Pull slightly on the basting stitch bobbin thread to gather the raw edge of the button-down shirt to fit the raw edge of the sweater. Pin in place.


Change the stitch length to a medium stitch. Use a 90/14 universal needle to sew the raw edges of the two shirts together with a 1/2-inch seam allowance.


Measure your waistline and subtract 2 inches. Cut a piece of elastic to that measurement. 


Fold the elastic into fourths and mark each fold with the washable marker. You will end up with three marks — one in the center and two on the quarter marks.


Pin the elastic onto the seam allowance. Pin the center mark on the elastic to the center marks on the back of the shirts. Pin the two quarter marks on the elastic to the sides of the shirts. Pin the two ends of the elastic to the front-center marks on the shirts.


Change your machine to a medium-length zigzag stitch.


Start on the front of the shirt and sew the elastic to the inside of the seam allowance. Pull on the elastic as you sew to make the elastic fit into the seam allowance between the side and center marks.


Now turn your new shirt right side out, add a cute scarf and go ahead and show off those beautiful feminine curves in this new silhouette instead of hiding them in those old boxy shirts.


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