Fathers Day Photo Puzzle Gift

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Father’s Day is just around the corner, so now is the best time to give dad a photo puzzle, which makes a great visual reminder of the kids he loves so much. I loved the DIY Puzzle Photo Blocks from Little Miss Momma and wanted to make my own version to give as a gift. This puzzle on mini wooden blocks can be displayed on a desk, and the images can be changed by attaching new photos to the blocks. The lid has a clear, plastic window to keep the blocks inside.

Start with a package of mini wooden blocks, a picture frame box, a piece of plastic cut to fit the photo box lid and a photo. I found mini wooden blocks at a craft store. There are 72 cubes in the package I bought, and they measure 9/16 inches square. If you can’t find mini wooden blocks, try using a larger size. Count out the number of  blocks that will fit into your box. Then, trim down the box’s top edges with a craft knife to make it more shallow, if desired. Print a photo of your kids on regular paper, sized to fit on the blocks you counted out.

Use decoupage glue to attach the wooden blocks to the backside of the photo. Once the glue dries, use a craft knife to separate the blocks. Then, print another photo, lay it down and attach the bare sides of the blocks to it. You can attach up to six photos, one for each side of the cubes. I only did two and left four sides bare.

If you have a hard time seeing the lines between the blocks, gently separate them — just enough to see the lines — and carefully cut the photo. Or, pull the blocks back enough to make a crease in the paper and cut from the front side, on the crease. Trim off any excess paper and don’t worry if your cuts aren’t perfect — you’ll be sanding the edges.

Apply a top coat of decoupage glue to the sides of the cubes on which you adhered photos. Please note that if you attached images on all sides, you’ll have to apply the final layer of glue in turns, so the cubes don’t stick to your work surface. Allow the glue to dry completely, and then sand the edges for a worn look.

Paint the box bronze, allow it dry and follow with a top coat of blue paint. After the blue paint dries completely, sand the box in various places to make it look worn. Glue the piece of clear plastic to the inside of the lid to finish the window.

Assemble the puzzle in the box. Even with the lid on the box, the photo is still visible, and the blocks will stay put.

Dad will love looking at the pictures of his kids with this Father’s Day Photo Puzzle, and your kids will love assembling the puzzles. If you have enough time, make multiple photo puzzles, showcasing images of each kid in the family.

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