DIY Halloween Banner with Spooky Appliqués

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Spooooooky? Or mostly just cute, right?  Make your very own Halloween banner and decorate it with this adorable crew of appliqué bats, spiders, ghosts, moons, and jack o’ lanterns. Let the kids help on this one and it will become their favorite Halloween decoration to hang up each year!

Last week I shared how to make the basic banner using linen, a freezer paper stencil, and craft paint.  Check out that DIY here.


To make this week’s version, skip the dots and download the PDF for the Spooky and Cute Halloween templates here. You might print out a few extras if you’ve got young kids; My girls used them as coloring sheets. It looks like this:


Next, gather up just a few basic supplies to get started.


1. Cut out the templates and trace onto the wrong side of a fabric scrap that has been backed with fusible web (follow the manufacturer’s instructions).


2. Carefully cut out your fabric appliqués along the traced lines, then score the paper backing with a sharp pin to remove it easily. Using a hot iron, press the appliqués onto your banner in the arrangement of your choice. Cover any painted areas with a paper towel before pressing – I had no issues whatsoever using this method.


3. Stitch the appliqués by machine or by hand if you plan to use this banner year after year. Fusible web will keep the appliqués in place for one season, but after time and use the appliqués will start to peel off if not stitched down.


4. Next, use craft or fabric paint to draw funny, scary, and/or charming faces. Practice on a sheet of paper to see how different a face can look by changing the size and placement of the eyes. I don’t have any fine paint brushes at the moment so I simply used the ball of a pin and sometimes even the pointy tip to paint my faces. I bet it’s easier with a fine brush but you can get by without one.



5. Lastly, using embroidery floss, add a running stitch border around the banner. Make a running stitch spider web for a detailed spooky effect.



In five easy steps you’re done! Don’t you love it? Pat yourself on the back and enjoy some candy corn.


Happy Halloween, friends!

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