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My kids love surprising people with breakfast in bed. They’ve made breakfast for me on my birthday and Mother’s Day, but they also do it on random Saturday mornings. Last weekend, my son put together breakfast for my daughter and her friend who had slept over. My son was excited to give the breakfast to them, and the girls were delighted with the surprise. Today I’m sharing a chicken wire and wood tray that can be used to deliver such a treat.

Chicken wire tray supplies

Things You’ll Need

    • 1 1/4-by-1/4-inch wood garden stakes
    • Chicken wire
    • Small black nails
    • Drill
    • Hammer
    • Wood glue (optional)
    • Stain and brush or rags (optional)
    • Wire cutters
    • Work gloves
    • Staple gun

Cut the garden stakes into pieces. You’ll need 11 pieces that are 14 inches long (we cut a couple extra of this size, as shown in the image above, but used one only when a stake split), four 20-inch-long pieces and four 5-inch-long pieces.

Attach crate sides


  • Have another person help hold the wood pieces during assembly.
  • For added stability, apply a thin layer of wood glue before nailing.
  • Drilling a small pilot hole makes it easier to get the nails in and helps to prevent the wood from splitting.

Assemble the tray one layer at a time. Use small black nails to attach the 5-inch-long corner pieces to the ends of the 20-inch-long side pieces. Attach the 14-inch-long end pieces.

Staple crate bottom

Attach the second outside frame layer. Then, nail seven of the 14-inch-long pieces across the bottom of the frame. Use a workshop table and scrap pieces of wood to help support the frame during this step.

Staple chicken wire

If you plan to paint or stain the wood, do that before attaching the chicken wire.

Finally, don your work gloves and cut a piece of chicken wire that measures about 23 inches by 22 inches. Attach it to the frame using the staple gun. Fold and bend the wire so it fits into the corners. Cut away any unnecessary wire.

Breakfast in bed chicken wire tray

The tray is ready to be used as a breakfast tray, tabletop caddy or as a storage basket for magazines.

Photo Credits: Tonia Larson

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