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Although both of my parents encouraged my creativity while growing up, I had always attributed my artistic ability to my dad’s side of the family. It wasn’t until recently when reflecting on my childhood that I realized my mother had a big influence as well. She is not an artist per se, but she is very creative and was always gluing, sewing or making something. I was fortunate my creativity came not only by nature but also from being nurtured.


Last week while visiting my parents, I found my mom and younger sister making adorable beaded word ornaments. These are so sweet that I decided it would make a great craft to share. Pretty and easy to make, they are also a way to personalize a gift if used as a gift tag.

Things You’ll Need

  • Jewelry wire (choose a gauge depending on your bead size)
  • Beads (size and color of your choice)
  • Pliers
  • Ornament hooks (optional)


Note: I used 2.5 millimeter seed beads. I believe the wire that I used was 24 gauge, but it wasn’t listed on the packaging, so I can’t be entirely sure. You want to choose a wire that’s thin enough to bend, but not so thin that it’ll break. A good rule of thumb is to choose the largest gauge wire that will fit through your beads. Regarding how many beads you need to cover your wire, here is a helpful chart on bead sizing and beads per inch.  


Simply string beads through the wire. The length of the wire should be three times as long as the word you want to form. For example, if your word will be 5 inches long, then your beaded wire needs to be 15 inches long. If you will be adding loops for hanging the ornaments, add 3 more inches. Cut the wire with pliers after you have the desired length.


Though not necessary, you can create loops on the ends of your ornament to serve as hooks should you choose to hang it on your tree. Leave 1 1/2 inches of wire free on each end of the beaded wire. Make a small loop at each end of the wire and twist the wire to close the loops. If you are not including loops, simply twist the wire closed at each end.

Note: though I added loops to my ornaments, I didn’t actually need to use them. The ornaments stayed put on the tree on their own — I just nestled them onto branches. Another option is to use ornament hooks to attach the ornaments to your tree.


Now it’s time to play with your beaded wire as you simply bend the wire to form the word(s) you would like.


I positioned the loops at the bottom of the word “Noel” to use it as a gift tag instead of an ornament. I didn’t actually attach the two beads above the word for the umlaut. However, if you plan to use it as a gift tag instead of a ornament, you can glue the two beads for the umlaut directly above the word.



Should you have any questions or need clarification, feel free to leave a comment below or send an email to


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