Bicycle Rim Clock: The Perfect Gift for a Biking Enthusiast

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Bike wheel clock

My husband loves bikes, and to be more specific, he loves old school BMX bikes. When he was a kid, he spent as much time as he could riding his bike and has passed the love of bike riding on to our kids. We have at least eight complete bikes in our garage, so there are a lot of bike parts lying around. Some of the parts are ready to be used and others are ready for the trash. We thought, why not try to make something out of these parts? We started with a bike rim clock inspired by this bicycle wheel clock from the blog Thistlewood Farms, and this bike wheel clock from the blog A Bit of Stephrything.

Clean bike rim

First, I cleaned up this bike rim, which was a little dusty and had a few cobwebs. The rim is for a 20-inch bike, but it measures 16 inches.

Clock hands

We went to a few stores looking for clock kits but could only find tiny ones. So, I removed the kit from an existing clock.

Clock kit pieces

The clock kit included the square back piece, a washer, a hex nut and three clock hands.

Brass house numbers

For the clock numbers, I spray painted brass house numbers — 12, 3, 6 and 9.

Glue clock number on rim

After letting the paint dry, I glued the numbers to the rim using super glue.

Glue on clock kit

I put a battery in the clock kit and glued it to the hub using super glue, making sure to leave enough room to change the battery when it wears out.

Painted bike sprocket

I spray painted a sprocket — or chain wheel — the same color as the numbers. Once it dried, I glued it to the front of the clock kit using super glue. Then, I put the washer and the hex nut over the shaft, tightening the nut. Finally, I attached the clock hands.

Bike rim clock

The bike wheel clock is ready to be hung. It will go in our garage or basement. We can hang it by putting a screw in the wall and hooking the hub on the screw.

Photo Credits: Tonia Larson

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