How Much Should I Pay for Beef Tenderloin by the Pound?

Prepare to Pay Well

Tenderloin is one of the most expensive cuts of beef. Tenderloins are sold "peeled" or "unpeeled," depending on whether the thick layer of surrounding fat has been removed. A peeled tenderloin is more expensive than an unpeeled tenderloin. Depending on where you purchase it, you can expect to pay $8 per pound or more. Wholesale clubs generally have the lowest per-pound price, while upscale food boutiques may charge $25 or more a pound.

Consider the Advantages

While it is expensive, beef tenderloin is the most tender cut of beef. It is versatile, as it can be cut into simple filet mignon or trussed and cooked as chateaubriand or beef wellington. When properly butchered, a single tenderloin can yield more than a dozen meals for one person, or three to five meals for a family. The per-pound price is considerably lowered by skillful preparation.

Bottom Line

A whole beef tenderloin can cost anywhere from $7 to $50 a pound, but careful preparation can reduce the cost per serving significantly, making it an affordable luxury for special occasions.

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