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Can you soak white clothes in chlorine bleach in a black acrylic laundry tub without the tub discoloring?


How old is my Kenmore 385-1233180 (4 stitch) sewing machine?


minwax wood putty used on unfinished oak. how to get rid of oily residue


Does the whole window unit need to be replaced when the seal is broken, gas has escaped and the windows fog up and build up mildew between the 2 window panes or can you just replace the sash and window glass?


There are other apples not listed such as Ambrosia. Are they of the Fugi variety? They are difficult to find but very sweet.


where is the water shut of valve for a Roper Ice Maker


why does riccar radp4 stop running after 20 or so secs.have to push reset button,then runs again 20 secs. problem repeats itself over & over


What else can I use for decking or ground cover for a small patio,besides concrete or wood/


would a bad solenoid cause the light to dim when ice button is pushed , also no ice comes out bucket is full. GE profile ice and water in door


changed the run capacitor on my goodman Ac unit (modgsx130481bb) and the fan or compressor still won't work. I've done all the normal checks with the breakers etc but still won't work. can you me give some suggestions.


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