What Is Quicklawn Grass Seed?

Quicklawn grass seeds produce lawns that are green throughout the entire year.
Quicklawn grass seeds produce lawns that are green throughout the entire year. (Image: Grass lawn image by Dan Marsh from <a href='http://www.fotolia.com'>Fotolia.com</a>)

Quicklawn grass seed is a specially designed seed that grows faster than regular grass does. Growing a lawn using Quicklawn grass seeds is faster than laying thick grass pads over a lawn. The development of Quicklawn grass seeds is a significant accomplishment for science and technology

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Quicklawn grass seeds were developed through the use of technology. The product is a breed of grass seed that was specially created to withstand bacteria and grow quickly. While it can take grass seeds up to a year to grow into a lawn, it takes Quicklawn grass seeds only around 15 days to grow, according to some reviews. The seeds have been known to grow in as little as five days in some rare cases.

Commercial Use

Quicklawn grass seeds are often used to create lawn spaces for new buildings and for public gardens. They are chosen for commercial projects because they are quick and efficient alternatives to waiting around for regular seeds to produce grass.

Private Use

Quicklawn grass seeds are also used for non-commercial purposes. It can fill in bare spots on a homeowner’s lawn, as well as help to get rid of unwanted weeds. Weeds that the seeds are able to control include crabgrass and dandelions. It allows homeowners to have green grass throughout the entire year. Quicklawn grass seeds are easy to use; they need to be sprinkled over the area where grass is wanted, and then they need to be watered.


There are many benefits to using Quicklawn grass seeds outside of the fact that they are fast working, and that they help get rid of weeds. The seeds can be used all year round and will still grow well in shady spots. The grass stays green throughout the year as well. The seeds are resilient to insects as well as diseases, and they are compatible with a variety of different types of soils. This includes sandy soils and heavy clay soils.


There are a number of places that Quicklawn grass seeds can be ordered from online. The seeds can be bought per pound, or according to how much ground needs to be covered. Prices range from $7.98 to cover 500 square feet, or $19.95 for a pound of seeds, as of 2010.


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