What Is a Frog Repellent?

A frog repellent is used to control the population of the frog community in an area where they can approach plague-like numbers. A high density area of trees and areas around water attract bugs. Frogs eat bugs and are also attracted to the areas. Frogs are relatively harmless but can leave behind a sticky residue and feces.

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Repellent Significance

  • A repellent is meant to prevent an animal, bug or reptile from areas that humans inhabit frequently. The particular pest that is being repelled may not be dangerous but could cause damage to plant life, buildings and the surrounding environmental areas.

    The frog repellent needs to deter the frog from collecting in a specific location in large numbers. All repellents will not work the same for every frog species. One or more types of frog repellent will need to be used in a specific area if there are more than one type of frogs that are being pests.

Homemade Frog Repellents for Deterring

  • Spray a wash of salt water over the infested area to discourage frogs from collecting. The salt hurts their feet and they learn to avoid the area. A light dusting of granular salt will do the same. Splashing warm water or spraying a very light mixture of bleach water on the frogs will chase them away. Too hot of water or too strong of bleach water will kill the frogs, so be careful.

Homemade Frog Repellents for Killing

  • A highly concentrated mixture of caffeine with water and pure lemon or lime juice sprayed directly on the frogs will kill them. Disposal of the carcasses is then required if they are not going to be left to nature for disposal. Hot water of 116 degrees Fahrenheit and above sprayed on the frogs for three minutes will kill the frogs. The 116-degree water will kill almost every other creature in the ground except ants.


  • Netting can be placed over a pond to prevent frogs from gathering. Bull frogs especially will avoid the netting. The netting should be buried a minimum of 6 inches so the bull frogs will not dig under the net. Minimum height is 2 feet above the water. A special UV resistant 3/4-inch bird netting is available that lets in light, water and air.

Commercial Frog Repellents

  • There is no official frog repellent on the market. Many people use snake repellents that contain chemicals that are used to make mothballs---naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene. A concern with this type of frog repellent is it cannot be used close to water or gardens. The chemicals will leach into the water and natural water system and kill plants and fish.


  • Photo Credit tree frog image by john barber from Fotolia.com
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