Can Soda Be Used to Water Plants?

Watering can pouring water onto plant.
Watering can pouring water onto plant. (Image: Wavebreakmedia Ltd/Wavebreak Media/Getty Images)

Keeping plants watered according to their needs is an essential part of growing them. Gardeners can use bottled water, tap water and even soda to water plants. If you want to use soda, the key is to choose the right type, which is essential to helping plants instead of harming them.

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Choosing One

Club soda contains minerals that boost plants' growth and overall health. Soda pop such as cola, however, is acidic. Also, soda pop contains ingredients such as chemical coloring that may have a negative effect on plants.

Watering with It

In order to maximize club soda's potential benefits for plants, use it once weekly instead of water for your plants. It can be used on outdoor and indoor plants. Water the plants' soil with club soda as you would normally with water, focusing on the plants' root zones and avoiding wetting their foliage. Wet foliage can encourage fungal infections and spread plant diseases.


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