Eat Like Natalie Portman: 7 Egg-Free & Dairy-Free Recipes to Try for Clearer Skin

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While award-winning actress, director and producer Natalie Portman is making headlines for her bold statement at the Golden Globes and her upcoming film Annihilation, her flawless skin has become yet another hot topic of conversation. Portman ultimately credits her healthy glow to one major lifestyle change that any of us can adapt. In a recent interview, she shared that cutting out dairy and eggs was the biggest key to stopping breakouts. Here are 7 delicious egg free and dairy free recipes to try so you, too, can put an end to the breakouts!

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Buffalo Cauliflower Bites
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Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

Elevate your side dish game with these flavor-packed buffalo cauliflower bites. Thank me later.

Image Credit: Ashley Manila
Healthy (Dairy-Free) Chocolate Shake Recipe
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Healthy (Dairy-Free) Chocolate Shake Recipe

A chocolate shake that's made with absolutely no dairy? Yes, this is a real thing and you need to try it ASAP.

Image Credit: Julia Mueller
Coconut Breakfast Cookies with Cacao Nibs
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Coconut Breakfast Cookies with Cacao Nibs

Start your morning on a healthy note with these convenient coconut breakfast cookies–no eggs nor dairy included.

Image Credit: Ashlae Warner
Pasta using zoodles
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Pasta Using Zoodles (Zucchini Noodles)

Substitute traditional noodles with this healthier alternative and enjoy a guilt-free bowl of tasty pasta.

Image Credit: Caroline Stegner
Refined Sugar-Free Frozen Fruit Pops
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Refined Sugar-Free Frozen Fruit Pops

Here's another dairy free (and sugar free) treat to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Image Credit: Julia Mueller


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