Home Remedies for Bed Bug Bites

If you sleep on a bed-bug-infested bed and get bitten, you will definitely not have a comfortable time sleeping. Bed bug bites are characterized by skin irritation, rashes, inflammation of skin tissues and patterned marks in skin. Some people may even encounter allergic reactions. Here are some tips on how bed bug bites can be treated at home to relieve pain and to hasten the healing process.

  1. Initial Home Treatment

    • First, wash the affected area with soap and water. Do not scratch your skin as this will only worsen the condition by spreading the bug venom and increasing your chances of infection. You may apply an ice pack on the area to relieve itching and swelling.

    Drugs and Natural Home Treatments

    • Bedbug.org suggests that for medical treatment, apply cortisone topical creams on the bed bug bites. You can also take antihistamines to provide relief from itching and other allergic reactions.

      Natural Home Remedies suggests you make your homemade version of calamine lotion by making a baking soda solution. Simply mix baking soda with a few drops of water to create a thick paste. Apply the mixture to the affected area just like any other lotion. Leave it on the area until it dries.

      Other substances such as grated potatoes, mallow root and arrowroot powders are also natural treatments for bed bug bites according to Natural Home Remedies. They provide relief for pain and itching of the infected skin areas. Similar to the treatments of chicken pox and other forms of rashes, ground oatmeal or rice made into pastes are effective treatments for skin itching. They have a cooling effect that provides instant relief and comfort

    Mud and Herb Poultices

    • Natural Home remedies also suggests several other treatments that involve chewing fresh herbs and applying the mixture to the affected skin areas. Common herb choices include comfrey, chickweed, wild geranium, yellow dock and wild mallow.

      Natural Home Remedies also suggests that one of the age-old poultices used for white powdered clay mixed with herbal tea.The great thing about white clay is that it has an almost infinite shelf life since it rarely contains any fungi. This can be applied alongside the above-mentioned starchy substances of mallow root and grated potatoes.

      Plantains are also natural itch-relievers. Plantains contain a certain active substance called allantoin which is a type of anti-inflammatory phytochemical. It not only effectively fights germs but it also hastens the healing of wounds and infections, plus triggers the regeneration of new cells in the skin.

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