Can Ceramic Tile be Put on Green Wall Rock?


Green drywall/sheetrock, otherwise known as green board, is a waterproof drywall that must be installed in areas where water is likely to exist. After green board has been installed onto a wall, it is possible--in fact common--to install tile directly over the green board after the drywall mud has dried. If you want to install ceramic tile over green board, you should know about the materials and techniques for a successful installation.

Installing Tile on Green Board

  • Install tile directly onto your green board using tile glue. Green board is drywall with a waterproof covering on the outside that will prevent water from entering your wall. It is quite common in the construction industry to install ceramic tile directly over green board; however, there are conditions the board must meet in order to receive the ceramic tile.

    The green board must be intact and without any damage. The paper should be well attached, with no voids or bubbles in the paper. The interior of the board should not be crumbling, and the board itself should not be flimsy or weak. If the coloring has faded on the green board, it has lost much of its waterproofing ability and should be replaced.

    The framing onto which the green board is attached should be solid and without rot. The board must be attached to the wall using screws instead of nails; nails will pull free from the framing once the ceramic tile has been attached.

    If the green board is beyond repair--meeting any of the disqualifying conditions--then you should replace the entire board. When finishing the green board with drywall mud, make sure that the mud is waterproof, and that the joints are level and even. Caulk all cracks around the perimeter of the board to prevent water infiltration.

    Make sure that the glue used for laying the tile onto the board is waterproof. Seal the grout joints of the tile once a year, and your green board and tile installation will last as long as the home into which it is installed.

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