Ways to Rebuild Trust in a Relationship

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Love and trust take time to build

Trust is essential for any relationship to be successful. It is needed for peace and love to flourish between two people. When trust has been broken, it will take a lot of time and work to rebuild. The earlier the issue is addressed, the better the chance for the relationship to be mended.

  1. Have an Open-Heart Talk

    • Before you can rebuild the trust in a relationship, you need to have an honest talk that leaves no question unanswered. If you need to know specifics about a situation or action, this is the time to ask. Once everything is on the table, it's time to ask for forgiveness. If you're the one who's been disappointed, it's important that you allow your partner to apologize and promise not to hurt you again. While you may have a hard time believing his sincerity, you need to give your partner the benefit of the doubt if you have any hope of rebuilding trust.

      Each partner should take responsibility for the future and come to an understanding of how things will be handled if the same situation presents itself. This may mean agreeing to avoid certain scenarios, becoming accountable to each other or offering honest answers, even if it means giving up part of your personal freedom to ensure the other person's peace of mind. This does not have to be a permanent situation since attitudes and agreements can be adjusted as your relationship grows and trust is restored.

      In situations where it seems like you are unable to communicate, therapy may help. Having a third, neutral party present can help guide the conversation toward constructive communication and find solutions, rather than freeze into accusations and blame.

    Transform Your Environment

    • Make sure your environment feels like a safety net. Avoid situations that can cause further mistrust in the relationship. Spend more alone time together, talk regularly, or try to set some basic rules of how difficult situations will be handled. Because rebuilding trust takes time, it's important that you create an environment you can live with. If it drives you crazy that your partner asks where you've been and what time you'll be coming home tonight, you need to set up a system that eases your partner's concerns and allows you to retain some privacy.

      Whether the broken trust is due to a distancing between two people or other factors, it's important to set up regular times to communicate, ask questions and even spend time together in silence. For couples, even those who live together, this may mean setting up regular date nights. For siblings, friends or parents and children, it may mean spending one day a week talking and confronting fears and hopes.

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