Holistic Hemorrhoid Cure

Holistic hemorrhoid care addresses the uncomfortable symptoms which hemorrhoids cause and why the hemorrhoids are occurring in the first place. Through relief of symptoms and lifestyle modifications, holistic hemorrhoid care can be used to permanently eliminate, or reduce, hemorrhoid flare-ups and symptoms.

  1. Calm the Symptoms

    • Natural hemorrhoid treatments that can be used to calm hemorrhoid symptoms include witch hazel, ointments made with comfrey or calendula and sitz baths. Witch hazel has cooling properties that soothe burning and irritation; it will also shrink the size of external hemorrhoids through its astringent properties. Calendula or comfrey salves will both soothe irritation and promote healing of torn tissues around the anal area.

      Witch hazel extract, available in many health food stores, may be applied by itself to the irritated areas for relief; natural hemorrhoid creams may contain witch hazel, too. Ointments or salves which contain comfrey or calendula may be purchased in health food stores, or they can be made at home using plant extracts and base oils such as almond oil or coconut oil.

      Sitz baths that contain sea salt and herbs such as chamomile, calendula or marshmallow root will temporarily relive symptoms associated with hemorrhoids. Any herbs that are mixed with the bath should steep in hot water for two hours; the herbs should be strained out of the mixture and then the warm herb extract water may be used for a 15-minute sitz bath.

    Address the Cause

    • Holistic hemorrhoid care requires an examination of why the hemorrhoid condition has occurred. In most cases, hemorrhoids are the result of severe constipation; repeated diarrheal conditions may eventually cause hemorrhoids as well.

      Dietary changes are necessary to regulate the bowels and reduce hemorrhoid flare -ups. Holistic hemorrhoid care recommends a diet rich in fiber, fruits and vegetables. Those who suffer from severe constipation may want to try fiber supplements. Constant bouts of diarrhea require an examination to check for food allergies or digestive conditions such as irritable bowel disease or diverticulitis.

      Hemorrhoid sufferers will need to stick to dietary changes that improve their bowel function for the rest of their lives to avoid reoccurring and worsening incidences of hemorrhoids.

    Seek the Advice of a Physican When Needed

    • Holistic hemorrhoid care can be an effective natural treatment for hemorrhoids, but if you are suffering from severe hemorrhoids that are causing extreme pain or constant bleeding you should talk with your physician. In some cases, surgical procedures may be needed to treat the hemorrhoids before holistic measures can be used to control hemorrhoid flare-ups.

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