Exercises for Sacrum Pain


The sacrum is a flat bone that is located second to last on the spinal column. It is a junction point where the glutes, lateral rotators and pelvic floor muscles attach. When you sit or stand for long periods of time, the sacrum has a tendency to experience pain. To treat this, there are several exercises that can be performed. These focus on stretching the tight muscles that are causing the pain and strengthening the muscles that support the pelvis.

Hamstring Stretch

  • The hamstrings are located on the back of the upper leg; if they are tight, they can be a cause of the pain in your sacrum. To stretch them, lie on your back on the floor with your legs out straight. Lift one leg, slightly bend your knee and grab the back of your leg with both hands. Pull the leg in toward your body as far as you can, try to straighten your leg and hold for 30 seconds. Release and switch sides.

Piriformis Stretch

  • The piriformis is a muscle that runs from the sacrum down to the back side of the femur, the largest bone in the body. A tight piriformis can also exacerbate pain in the sacrum. To stretch it, lie on your back with your knees bent and one leg crossed over the other. Wrap your arms around both legs with the thighs together and pull them back toward your chest. Hold for 30 seconds, release and do the same thing with your legs the other way.


  • The Psoas Major is a muscle located in the front lower spine area that can also lead to pain in the sacrum. To stretch this muscle, start out in a kneeling position. Take a step forward with one leg and keep the other knee on the ground and angled out slightly. With your back straight, place your hands on your glutes and lean forward from the hip area. Feel the stretch on the front of the hip and hold for 30 seconds. Release and switch sides.


  • The abductors are located on the side of the hip. Strengthening them will add support to your pelvis and lower back. An exercise to do this is an abductor extension. Lie on your side with your back against a wall and straight. Your legs should be stacked on top of each other and also against the wall. Turn the toes of the top leg up slightly, then lift it straight up in the air with the heel always in contact with the wall. Slowly lower it back down, repeat 10 to 12 times, then switch sides.


  • The glutes are the muscles of the buttocks; therefore they often sat upon. Strengthening them can also add support to the spine and pelvis. To do a kickback, take a position on all fours on the ground with your arms straight down from your shoulders and your legs straight down from your hips. Extend your right leg straight behind you and lift it up toward the ceiling. Hold for five seconds and release. Do the same with the other leg for five seconds and release. Go back and forth four to 10 times.

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