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You can use an IP camera to monitor your home from any Internet-based computer. in the world.

An IP camera is one that has a unique Internet address and can be viewed on any Internet-accessible computer in the world. When you install an IP camera, you are creating a home video surveillance system that you can use to monitor your property when you are at work, out doing errands or even on vacation. Setting up an IP camera requires the right equipment and a set-up strategy. Once you have set your wireless IP camera up, the only maintenance required will be to change the batteries.

  1. Equipment

    • In order to set your IP camera up properly, and be able to access it from anywhere in the world, you will need some basic equipment. You will need a desktop PC, the wireless IP surveillance camera, some RJ45 cable and a wireless router. Internet connectivity equipment is all compatible as long as you are using PC-based equipment for your PC and Mac-based equipment for your Mac. Just check the packaging to make sure the equipment is compatible with your platform. Once you have confirmed that, the rest will fall into place.

      If you are going to be installing your camera outdoors, then be sure to get a camera designed to handle the elements. You may also want to invest in rechargeable batteries to help cut down on the cost of running your camera.

    Setting It Up

    • You will want your camera in a spot where it can pick up people's faces as they either enter a room, or pass through the field of view for your camera. The user manual for your camera will show you how to set the proper angle for your camera to make sure you get the widest angle possible.

      When you set up your wireless router, be sure the Internet modem is off. You will need to hard-wire the router to at least one computer for it to work properly. But once there is a hard-wired computer, the router will accept wireless signals from your camera and other computers. Follow the setup instructions carefully for your router, including the order in which you are supposed to start everything back up once it is installed.

    Using Your IP Camera

    • The camera user manual will have the IP address you are to use to access the images from your camera. Input that address into any Internet browser and you will be able to monitor your property from anywhere. Some cameras come with additional features, such as night vision and motion detection that can be used to start recording images as soon as something in the field of the camera's view begins to move.

      Once you have become familiar with the setup of an IP camera, you can begin setting up multiple cameras in the same area and monitor them on one computer. You would open a separate browser for each camera, and you can still monitor them from anywhere in the world.

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