How Do You Braid Flowers in Your Hair?

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For weddings, festivals and personal engagements, the tradition of braiding flowers in the hair spans back thousands of years. While the type and scent of each flower you choose can make an impact on the look of your hairdo, many flowers are potent symbols as well. Flowers are best placed in a braid once the braiding itself is complete.


Select the flower or group of flowers you wish to braid into your hair. Take the time to choose flowers that complement your natural features and your outfit, whether you are working with a florist, gathering roadside wildflowers or cutting blooms from your garden. Consider the symbolic or cultural properties of each flower: the red rose is associated with passion and love, while the violet symbolizes modesty and faithfulness. When you have chosen the flowers, place their stems in water in your bathroom or cosmetic area.

Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner and carefully brush out your hair to remove any tangles or snags. Prepare your working area with one mirror directly in front of you and one behind you, so that you can clearly see the back of your head.

Braid the Hair

To begin a basic three-stranded braid, reach back and gather your hair into three sections of even thickness. Hold each section of hair between two fingers while keeping them separated.

Cross one outer section of hair over the middle section and under the opposite outer section. Weave the opposite outer section so that it crosses over the first section and crosses under the middle section. Take up the first section again, cross it over the middle section and back under the other outer section. Keep weaving the three strands until you reach the end of your hair. Secure your braid with a loop of hair elastic.

Braid variations include the four-stranded braid, which creates a Celtic knot pattern, and the French braid, which braids hair over the entire head in numerous small sections. Choose the best braid for the occasion and enlist the help of a friend or family member to complete it, if necessary.

Add the Flowers

Arrange the flowers you intend to place in your braid. Unlike ribbons, pearl strands or other decorative braiding items, it is best to add flowers to a finished braid. Cut the stem of each flower to at least 1 inch in length and insert the stem into your hair. You may wish to use a variety of colors, or to have flowers of different sizes appear at different points along the braid. Experiment, while making sure not to damage or pinch the flowers as you work.

Try placing one larger flower above your ear on one side to act as an accent for smaller flowers arranged in bunches along your braid. Alternatively, use only small flowers and place them in the center part of your braid. Once you have decided on the placement of the flowers, secure the stems with bobby pins.

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