How Do I Look Up the Crime Rate in a Certain Neighborhood?

Police departments often keep track of neighborhood crime statistics based on location, economic situation and class. These statistics can be looked up by neighborhood in a number of different ways. This is a good idea if you are considering moving to a particular part of town.

  1. Crime Reports

    • At, any state in the country can be selected and every region of every state can be investigated for specific crime statistics. More than 700 law enforcement agencies, ranging from violent crimes to sex offenders living in people's neighborhoods, cities or counties, are represented. There are iPhone apps available for this website, which allows you to check the crime report in each new neighborhood or county you visit. The general public can use this site to give them email updates to new crime reports that have occurred in any neighborhood. Law enforcement officials can also use this website to map crime trends with the website's powerful analytic tools.

    Neighborhood Scout

    • provides specific crime statistics per neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods when you select the state and city on the site's home page. These crime statistics are broken down based on percentage of crimes, making it easy to understand with bar graphs and pie charts. This site is aligned with a number of real estate sites, helping people to find the right neighborhood in which to live or buy a home. For most of the crime statistic information, however, you must sign up for a monthly subscription to the site, which ranges from $15 per month for six months to $30 for one month.

    Ask Local Law Enforcement

    • If you have narrowed down a couple neighborhoods you want crime statistics on, go to the local police department in the neighborhood and ask detectives or officers what the crime in the neighborhood is like. They will be able to give you a much more in-depth answer then any statistics you're going to read off a computer and give you details as to where to neighborhood is going, in general. The police also patrol each neighborhood in different ways, making statistics deceiving. This may be something you should do after you have used the websites to get general statistics of each neighborhood.

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