The Best Way to Improve English Speaking Skills

Improving your English speaking skills is one way to open many doors in your life. If you do not speak fluent English, regardless of your country of origin, your abilities to further your education and to be competitive in the job market are extremely limited. If you are motivated and can devote the time necessary to improve your English, you will be rewarded with the ability to communicate more effectively in social, educational and professional settings.

  1. Enroll in English Course

    • Although English courses are offered through distance learning methods such as email and the Internet, the best type of course to take is in the classroom. You can find a list of available courses in your area by connecting with a local social service agency, checking with your local library, searching online or contacting your local school district. Many organizations that provide ESL (English as a Second-Language) provide both the competency testing and courses free of charge. The classroom environment provides personal support and qualified instructors. It also helps to hold you more accountable for regularly attending and progressing with your skills.

    Do Homework

    • Practice makes perfect, particularly in the case of learning to speak a new language. Complete each assignment that you are given from your classroom instructor. You should also purchase or check out supplementary learning tools from the library, such as a dictionary--preferably one with English and your native language. Grammar books are also available. It is important to reinforce what you are learning in the classroom on a daily basis.

    Interact with Others

    • Immerse yourself in the English language as much as possible by surrounding yourself with people who speak it or are also learning. Speak in English in your daily social interactions. Repetition and feedback from others will help immensely and will reinforce what you have learned in class.

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