Dodge Caravan Fuel Pump Removal


The fuel pump in your Dodge Caravan is contained within a module that includes the fuel pressure regulator and the fuel sending unit. This module is contained within the fuel tank. If you need to remove the fuel pump, you'll need to disconnect the tank from the van and remove the entire unit from the tank.


  • You need to relieve the fuel system pressure before working on the system. Open the filler cap to relieve any pressure in the tank. Start the engine, then go to the fuse box in the engine compartment. Remove the fuel pump relay from the fuse box and wait for the engine to stall--this should take only a few seconds. Crank the engine a couple more times to make sure it won't start, then switch off the engine and disconnect the negative battery cable by loosening its clamp nut. Note that upon reconnecting the battery cable, the van's powertrain control module may need time to relearn some things it may have lost in its memory.

Removing the Tank

  • Raise the rear end of the van, securing it on jack stands, and remove the left wheel; loosening the lug nuts before raising the van will make it easier to remove. Once you find the tank's filler neck vent tube inside the wheel well, disconnect the quick-connect fitting by pressing the two tabs. Disconnect the filler hose from the metal tube at the upper end; don't disconnect it from the tank itself. Disconnect both of the quick-connect fittings for the fuel and EVAP lines; you'll find these at the front end of the tank. You may need needle-nose pliers to press the tabs together. Disconnect the fuel pump's electrical connector also.
    Support the tank from underneath with either a floor jack or transmission jack; a floor jack will also need a piece of plywood on top of the jack head to protect the tank. With the jack supporting the tank, remove the tank's strap bolts and lower the jack with the tank on it.

Removing the Fuel Pump Unit

  • Disconnect the quick-connect fitting connecting the fuel delivery line to the unit by depressing the two tabs and pulling it off. Disconnect the unit's electrical connector by sliding out the lock and depressing the tab. Mark the alignment with the fuel pump module and the fuel tank so you can properly align the unit during installation (if you're replacing the unit, you'll need to mark the new unit in the same location). Use a brass punch and hammer to loosen the locknut securing the unit, then carefully lift the unit assembly out of the tank, angling the module so you don't bend the sending unit's float arm or the pump's inlet strainer.

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