DIY Stand for an Archery Bow


Who wants to throw an expensive bow on the ground while picking up arrows after a little target shooting? Good range etiquette requires that you leave your bow at the shooting line, but leaving it lying on the ground only invites someone to step on it. Here's a stand you can whip together in a couple hours without any special tools to prevent unnecessary damage.

The Idea

  • PVC is perfect for building things that need an open framework. Use it to make a square base with a raised padded bar and two empty pipes sticking up. The padded bar will braise the top of the bow, while a pair of smaller, padded cross members will hold the base secure at the bottom. The two large empty pipes give you a place to put your target arrows.

The Materials

  • You'll need 15 feet of 1 1/2-inch PVC pipe, six 1 1/2-inch PVC elbows, six 1 1/2-inch Ts, two 2-foot sections of 3-inch PVC pipe and two 1 1/2-inch to 3-inch adapter joints. You'll also need PVC cleaner and cement, a 6-foot-long piece of pipe insulation foam, a hacksaw and file, and a bag of zip ties.

The Base Rest

  • First, cut an 18-inch section of 1 1/2-inch PVC pipe, clean the ends and glue an elbow to each end, with their open ends pointing the same direction. Cut two 3-inch pieces of the same 1 1/2-inch pipe, and glue them to the open ends of each elbow. Lay the pieces flat on the ground, with the short pieces flat along the ground. Glue two Ts to the ends of these pieces, with their perpendicular openings pointing toward each other and the other openings straight in line with the 3-inch sections. Before you glue the Ts in place, glue another 18-inch PVC section between the Ts' perpendicular opening, then glue the assembly to the short pieces sticking out of the elbows. Now you have two pipes about 1 to 2 inches apart running parallel to each other. Wrap them with insulation, and zip tie the insulation in place to create a rest for the base of the bow.

The Arrow Holders

  • To make the arrow holder, glue another pair of 6-inch-long pipes to the open ends of the Ts in the base rest assembly. Next, glue two Ts to the ends of those pipes, with the base opening of the Ts pointing straight up. Add short 3-inch pieces of 1 1/2-inch PVC to the vertical openings of the Ts, and glue the pair of adapters to them. Then, glue the two 2-foot-long 3-inch-wide pipes to the tops of the adapters so they stick up vertically, providing you with two tubes to hold the arrows. These are the only 3-inch-wide pipes used in the assembly.

The Upper Bow Brace

  • Attach another pair of 6-inch-long 1 1/2-inch-wide pipes to the ends of the Ts supporting the arrow holders. Glue on two more Ts, again with the perpendicular openings sticking up. Glue two 3-foot-long 1 1/2-inch-wide pipes vertically into the T. Cut an 18-inch piece of pipe, and glue two elbows to either end, their open ends pointing the same direction. This assembly will be glued down over the ends of the pipes sticking up and will form a cross bar. Pad the cross bar with insulation, and zip tie it in place as you did with the lower brace.

The Foot

  • Get out your glue again, and add another 6- to 12-inch-long pair of pipes to the ends of the upper-brace Ts. Make another assembly using an 18-inch-long pipe with a pair of elbows in the ends. Glue this to the ends of the pipes on the base to complete the rectangular foot of the assembly. When complete your bow stand, it will have a single padded upper brace, a pair of padded lower braces and two 3-inch diameter arrow holders along the sides of the rectangular base between the two braces. Simply set the foot of your bow between the pair of lower braces and lean it against the upper brace, and it will sit securely until you get back from down range with your arrows.

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