Sharp Camcorder Problems


Sharp manufactured a number of camcorder models such as the analog VHS-C, 8mm and Hi8 formats, and the digital Mini DV format. Videotape camcorders have similar mechanical and electronic problems that can often be diagnosed and fixed without an expensive repair bill. Common Sharp camcorder issues usually involve the power supply, the videotape mechanism that loads and ejects the cassette, and, on some models, a DEW error message.


  • Turn on the camcorder and check the battery level. If nothing happens, your battery may need to be charged or replaced. To troubleshoot the battery, first make sure the camcorder works by plugging it into a wall outlet and turning it on. Use the power supply to charge the battery for at least 15 minutes, unplug the power supply and turn on the camcorder. If it won’t power on, you will need to buy a replacement battery.

Cassette Problems

  • If your videotape won’t load, it might be the tape itself instead of a camcorder problem. Close the cassette door, turn the camcorder back on and try loading a new videotape. If the same problem occurs, your camcorder’s cassette housing may be bent and will have to be looked at by a technician. For a tape that won’t eject, power off the camcorder and turn it back on, fast forward the videotape, press play and then press stop. Moving the videotape to another section of the tape may allow it to eject. Never force the camcorder’s cassette door open or closed because that will damage the cassette housing.

Won’t Record

  • Press "Record" on your camcorder and, if nothing happens, the write-protect tab on the video cassette may be in place. Check the side or spine of the cassette to slide the record inhibit tab.

Snowy Image

  • A snowy or fuzzy image or horizontal banding on your picture may mean you have a video head clog. Use your camcorder format’s head cleaning cassette for about 30 seconds, try again to record and play back video, and repeat the process until the image has cleared up.

DEW Error

  • Some Sharp camcorders have a DEW error that disables all operations and causes an automatic shutdown. Because Sharp does not make camcorders anymore, most models are out of warranty and this problem is not supported. Sometimes opening the cassette door and either leaving it open in a warm place for an hour or applying low heat from a hair dryer will dry out the circuits. If this does not turn off the DEW error, a camcorder technician will have to repair it.

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