Homemade Whiteboard


If you don't want to pay for a new white board, you can make one from scratch, using a variety of materials. The final result may not be glossy, but you will still be able to see what you've written and use it in the same manner as a white board. Small business owner Tracy Morgan shares suggestions.

Plexiglass White Board

  • Plexiglass shares the same properties as the white board material, says Morgan. He has designed several boards out of plexiglass that he writes on with dry erase markers. The marks erase easily, and plexiglass is light enough to be hung on a wall.

    Cut a section of plexiglass to fit your needs. Cut whatever size you want to fit into your home, office, or school. Sand the edges that you've cut. Take duct tape and cover all four of the edges. This will give you a nice edged surface that won't cut you or cause any other damage. Plexiglass can splinter, so use duct tape to keep this from happening.

    Cover one side of the plexiglass board you've cut with white paper. Glue or tape this white paper on it. You can also used colored contact paper, which has a white base. The side covered with paper is the back of the board, not the front.

    Hang a picture wire hanger on the back–the side covered with paper–of the board. This will give you a method for hanging the white board on the wall, where it can be used easily.

Glass White Board

  • Use a hanging mirror as a white board. Place the mirror in front of a white wall, or shine a light at the surface of the mirror so that it is reflected up and away from it, creating a white surface. Write with a thick, dark-colored marker so that your writing stands out.

Whiteboard Paint

  • Make a white board on any flat surface using white board paint. This is a specially-designed paint that you can buy at art stores, business supply stores and some large chain discount store in the office supply section. You can turn an entire wall or window into a whiteboard. Paint a board or mirror for a more portable option. When the paint dries, you can write on it with whiteboard markers or dry erase markers, and you can erase with a paper towel, an eraser, or your fingers.

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  • Tracy Morgan; Owner, Gates Business Associates; Minneapolis MN
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