Truck Canopy Removal


Removing truck canopies generally takes anywhere from five to 20 minutes, depending on the type of canopy. A hard-shell canopy requires more work and usually more than one person to remove it. One person can take significantly less time and effort to remove a soft-shell canopy. Removing a canopy can be done by hand or by using a pulley system.


  • The most common method of removing a truck canopy is by hand. Getting at least one other adult helper will be sufficient. Climb into the bed of the truck to position yourself under the canopy. Loosen any clamps or bolts that hold down the hard-shell canopy with either a socket set or a crescent wrench. Once that's done, push up on the inside of the canopy and "scoot" the canopy down the back end of the truck bed. Your assistant(s) can help guide the canopy out toward the end of the truck while standing to either side of the truck to keep it from falling to one side or the other. As it comes off, you and your assistant should stand on each side of the canopy and finish guiding it off the truck, keeping the weight as evenly as possible to prevent injury. Avoid holding the canopy by any sharp edges and be sure to clear a path ahead of time so you can move the canopy without anyone tripping over anything. Never lift the weight of a hard-shell canopy on your own to prevent injury to yourself or damage to the canopy.

    To manually remove a soft canopy, just go around and unsnap all the sides that are snapped to the sides of the truck, and fold down the soft-top canopy by pushing down toward the back of the truck bed; the canopy should fold up accordion style into the bed of the truck. Tie it down. You now have the option of leaving it there or putting it in the carrying case it came with.

Pulley System

  • Some truck owners have installed pulley-and-hoist systems into the roof of their garage or carports to make removing hard-shell truck canopies easier. The pulley system acts as a "helper" so that you don't have to recruit friends or neighbors to remove the truck canopy. You have the option of either installing hooks into permanent clamps that hold the canopy in place or have the "C" clamps come with optional pulleys attached. The rope of the pulley system is thread through the pulleys at the anchors on the roof and then through the pulleys or hooks in the canopy. Removing the canopy is only a matter of pulling on the necessary ropes or levers that then activate the pulley-and-hoist system. A locking feature holds the canopy in place once it is removed to keep it from falling.

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