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Traeger is a particular brand of grill best known for its wood grill pellets used for fuel. These pellets are very small and look a little like rabbit food. The pellets burned in a Traeger grill generate a large amount of heat, despite their compact size. This makes cooking on a Traeger grill more economical, as well as being more ideal when preparing any grilled foods that have a long cooking time.

Cold Weather Cooking

  • Remember that it always takes longer to cook something when it is cold, wet, windy or a combination of the three. Therefore, if the weather is cold, you should add on cooking time to compensate for the temperature.

    Opening the lid of your Traeger grill always causes heat to be lost, more so in winter, so you will also want to add on cooking time every time you open up the lid of your grill. Also, try to keep your grill in an area that is out of the wind and cold, but be sure that the area is still ventilated. To help with the cooking process, you may also want to heat up the Traeger grill before putting anything on it to cook.

    One important factor to keep in mind is how wet the conditions are. The pellets that are burned in a Traeger grill must remain absolutely dry or they will not ignite properly. Those who grill in wet Winter conditions are encouraged to use a "Traeger Pellet Caddy" to store their pellets in a dry environment. Alternatively, any sealable storage container will work well for keeping your pellets dry.

Hot Weather Cooking

  • The hotter the weather, the faster your food will cook. Therefore, you should compensate for this either by reducing cooking time or reducing the heat at which you are doing your cooking. The latter is recommended especially if you are doing cooking that requires a lot of time, or doing a lot of cooking over a long period of time.

    Be particularly wary of overcooking meat on your grill because nothing is worse than dry meat and the meat will dry out faster in the hot weather. Also , if you need to defrost meat, do it in the fridge. This is because taking it out in the hot weather to defrost will only serve to encourage bacteria growth in the meat.

    When using your Traeger grill for summer cookouts, do not worry about lining the grill plate with aluminum foil. Traeger grills come with an "E-Z drain grease system," which will automatically capture dripping grease and deliver it to a storage container. You also do not have to worry about having a difficult time getting pellets to light, since Traeger grills are equiped with an auto-start lighting mechanism to ignite the pellets.


  • Your Traeger grill grids can be cleaned by rubbing a piece of foil over and between them, preferably while the grid are still warm. However, be sure that you don’t burn yourself in the process – you may want to wear gloves.

    The foil on your angled drip pans should be changed regularly. Not only does this prevent flare ups but it also reduces the likelihood of a grease fire starting. The grease bucket should also be emptied regularly, especially in hot weather, where the tendency for it to go rancid is increased.

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