DIY Belly Band


A belly band is a piece of material that acts like a dog diaper. It fits around the middle of a male dog and prevents him from spraying your home or furniture while he is inside. Belly bands have been very important to owners and breeders because some male dogs, no matter how well trained, will always mark territory inside. Belly bands allow these dogs to live in the house, just like any other dog, without the hassle of an owner who has to contantly clean up a mess.


  • Choose a material for your belly band. You will want to go with a heavy duty material, like corduroy or thick polyester. Thick cotton works well, too. You want a material that will breathe and one that will be waterproof. Some breeders like to experiment with other types of materials, like wool, but find that the low-pile materials end up working the best.

Cut and Sew Material

  • Measure your dog around his waist. Your measurement needs to be around his entire body, over his penis. Take his measurement in inches and then add 4 inches to your calculations.

    Cut the material into a strip that is 5 inches wide and the length of your measurement. Sew around the edges of this material so that there aren't any strings or lengths of fabric poking out when you are finished with it.

    Take two strips of elastic and sew them to the long edges of your belly band for your dog. Sew them into the sides and make sure that they are even. Then use sticky back Velcro for the other sides of your belly band. Place the female Velcro on one end and the male on the other, so that the Velcro will close the belly band on your dog's back.

Using the Belly Band

  • Use the belly band on any dog that does his business indoors. Take a baby diaper and open it. Set it inside of the belly band, and then close the belly band, with the diaper inside of it, around your dog's penis. Use the Velcro to secure it at the top. Whenever you take your dog outside, take off his belly band and change the diaper inside. Many breeders find it a good idea to have at least two belly bands so they can wash one while the other is being worn.

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