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If you feel tired all the time, gain weight even though you exercise, your joints ache, get sick easily, have frequent head aches, are constipated or have diarrhea or have mood swings, you might need to detoxify your body. Over-the-counter resources come in two forms--the ones you buy pre-packaged and the ones you create yourself using nutritional products and produce.

You can detoxify your body to feel better.
You can detoxify your body to feel better. (Image: jamais_vu/iStock/Getty Images)

Pre-Packaged Detox

There are a plethora of pre-packaged detox products available over the counter. The website detoxreviews.com--an official ranking site for detox products--unanimously voted DrNatura's Colonix and Toxinout programs as the best detox product. According to this website, "two programs together involve all the essential steps of detoxifying the entire body in a unique way that no other cleansing program has done before." The second best product was Cleanse Smart & Heavy Metal Cleanse by Renew Life. According to renewlife.com, "CleanseSmart works to cleanse and detoxify the entire body, but with focus on the body’s two main detoxification pathways–the liver and colon. Heavy Metal Cleanse works to facilitate the removal of heavy metals from the body." The third highest ranked product was Intestinal Drawing Formula by Health Force Nutritionals. According to the product label, "this formulation has been designed to draw-in and absorb poisons from the bowel, allowing you to eliminate them and not re-absorb these poisons while nourishing, soothing, and healing the intestines."

There are many over the counter detox products available.
There are many over the counter detox products available. (Image: tashka2000/iStock/Getty Images)

Homemade Detox

Detox your body using nutritional products and produce. Smokers and people with alcoholic cirrhosis will feel better when they increase their selenium levels. Broccoli, Brazil nuts, broccoli, brown rice, chicken, dairy products, garlic, onions, molasses, seafood, vegetables and whole grains are good selenium sources, according to the website Articlegold.com. Adding more zinc to your diet will protect you against the harmful effects of toxins. Find zinc in egg yolks, fish, lamb, legumes, mushrooms, pecans, oysters, poultry, soybeans, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, parsley, and kelp. Minimize your intake of toxins by exchanging your pharmaceutical drugs for homeopathic drugs, using only natural shampoos, lotions and cleaning supplies and always washing your fruits and veggies. Stay away from alcohol. According to the website health.com, "A new, massive study from England suggests that just one drink a day is linked to 11 additional cases of breast cancer per 1,000 women, and each drink after that increases the dangers. Even then, the risks remain small—your overall lifetime risk is about 12%." Drink lots of spring water and breathe lots of fresh air.

Smokers will feel better when they increase their selenium levels.
Smokers will feel better when they increase their selenium levels. (Image: luckpics/iStock/Getty Images)

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