What Can You Use As Ear Plugs for a Dog?


A dog's hearing can be affected by loud noises the same way that yours can. It is important to protect your dog from loud noises by using earplugs when your dog will be exposed to them. Jennifer Smith, a veterinarian in Minneapolis, reminds you that a dog has a higher range of hearing than people do, which means that they are able to hear sounds at a higher frequency. She suggests several ways to use earplugs for a dog's ears.


  • Use a part of earplugs or ear covers meant for a child or small adult. Dr. Smith says that you should only use out-of-ear plugs and never to use plugs that go in a dog's ear. She says that it is too easy to lose materials in a dog's ear, and too easy to damage their ear drums by sticking things in the ears.

    Find an ear cover or headphone type apparatus that is meant for a child or baby. You can find these at baby supply stores or music supply stores. One meant for a baby should fit over your dog's ears, but they might need a little adjustment.

    Have a friend hold your dog while you slip the pair of sound blockers over your dog's head. Fasten them over his ears and see if they fit tightly. If they are a good fit, says Dr. Smith, you will not be able to see into your dog's ears at all. Finding a good fit is the easy part, says the veterinarian, getting them to stay on is harder.

    Secure the headphones or sound blockers over your dog's ears by making them as small as possible first. Then set them in place. Use a bandana to tie the headphones into place by tying around the headphones and making a tight knot.

    Use headphones or sound blockers for your dog's ears if you are taking him to a concert, walking him near construction, or taking him to a place where there are loud noises. If you secure the headphones correctly, your dog will not be able to back out of them and they won't be able to fall off. Dr. Smith cautions that it might take a few tries before your dog will get used to having something on his head.

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