Cardiomyopathy Chelation Therapy

Cardiomyopathy is a condition in which the heart becomes inflamed and, as a result, weakened. The disease causes the heart to pump blood poorly and must be treated quickly to prevent further damage. While a wide range of therapy exists for cardiomyopathy (in severe cases, the heart must be transplanted), chelation therapy has grown in popularity as a miracle cure for this and other types of heart disease. In spite of this promise, chelation therapy remains hotly debated, and cardiomyopathy chelation has yet to achieve widespread support among heart doctors throughout the world.

  1. What Is Chelation Therapy?

    • Chelation therapy uses an injection of a special synthesized amino acid known as EDTA which binds to metals in the bloodstream. Once it does, deposits in the bloodstream and heart that may cause cardiomyopathy are thought to be cleansed and removed from the body through the urine. Chelation therapy is purported to increase blood flow to the heart and restore functionality to parts of the body that do not work properly. Many individuals have reported that chelation therapy, without any additional treatment, has cured them of cardiomyopathy and allowed them to live healthy and successful lives. Therefore, chelation is considered in some cases as a "cure" for cardiomyopathy, atherosclerosis and other heart conditions.

    Risks Associated With Therapy

    • Many doctors and associations, including the American Heart Association, distance themselves from chelation therapy as a viable form of treatment for cardiomyopathy and other heart-related conditions. These individuals and organizations say that scientific evidence does not support chelation therapy. They attribute the positive side effects of therapy to the lifestyle changes required for patients to undergo the procedure, such as smoking cessation, healthy diet and exercise. Moreover, they point out that EDTA is not entirely safe, linking a number of deaths throughout the world to chelation therapy. Side effects such as convulsions and arrhythmia are often cited as reasons to stay away from such therapy.


    • While chelation therapy has been purported by many to be successful in treating a host of heart conditions including cardiomyopathy, individuals must be careful to research their decision and discuss it with several trusted doctors before going forward with the expensive therapy. The jury is still out as to whether chelation therapy can be safe and successful; however, the utmost caution must be used by individuals who plan to pursue a course of chelation treatment. Until clinical trials have been performed, it may be best to rely on a scientifically proven therapy that has demonstrated safety and effectiveness.

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