Exercises to Reduce the Sides of the Waist


Slimming the waist is a major part of getting good-looking abs and reducing the appearance of "love handles." Fat collects readily in the midsection of the body due to poor posture and lack of use. Working the abdominal muscles and reducing the body's fat content will help you get the skinny waist you desire.


  • Aerobic exercise is one of the best ways to slim the waist. Performing aerobic exercise at least three times a week helps burn fat from the body, revealing the muscle underneath.

    Fat is removed from the body when the muscles are starved of calories. Aerobic exercise helps burn more calories than you take in when adhering to a healthy diet, causing the muscles of the body to eat away fat for energy. Aerobic exercise includes running, cycling, swimming and working out on the elliptical machine. As you burn away fat, your waist will slim.

Oblique Exercises

  • Work the oblique muscle to help tone and reduce the size of your waist. The oblique muscles are the outermost muscles of the abdominal region and make up part of what is considered the waist. Working the obliques helps to remove fat and build muscles.

    Perform oblique exercises by contracting the side of your body. A simple exercise can be done by standing with your legs shoulder-width apart and your hands over the head. Bring your left foot off the ground by bending your knee and balancing on your right foot. Bring your left knee toward the ceiling by bringing it up along your side. Bring your left elbow toward your left knee, so that contract your side in the process. Do 15 to 20 repetitions, then repeat on the other side. Do two to three sets.

Swiss Ball

  • Work the oblique muscles with the aid of a Swiss ball to add resistance to your workout. A Swiss ball is a large, inflated workout ball that you can lie or sit on. To work the oblique muscle, position yourself next to a wall, bringing the Swill ball near you. From a standing position, lean over so that your hip is on the exercise ball. Press your feet against the wall to balance yourself, spread your arms out in front of you, then slowly lower your shoulders toward the ground until you touch the floor with your fingertips. Repeat this 10 times and work your way up to 15 over time. Repeat for two to three sets.

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