DIY Seaweed Bath for Cellulite


Cellulite is fat cells that show up on the outer skin producing an unattractive dimply look. People try to fight cellulite in several ways, from expensive creams to diet changes. Cellulite may not be completely prevented but can be reduced. One of the easiest and most natural ways people can decrease the appearance of cellulite is by simply taking a seaweed bath.

Using Seaweed Flakes

  • Using seaweed as a natural cellulite sponge is quite easy. According to, seaweed acts like a magnet, encouraging the positive ions on the skin to move toward the bloodstream and later be eliminated. Toxins are then in fact attracted to move away from the body. Maintaining a cooler bath (94 degrees) and soaking in seaweed for around 20 minutes can help stimulate your body to get rid of waste and reduce the appearance of cellulite.
    You can incorporate seaweed into your bathing routine many ways. Some people may prefer to buy seaweed flakes. You can buy these flakes online or at a variety of health stores. Boil a large spoonful of flakes for a half hour (boiling the seaweed provides more nutrients), then strain to separate the flakes and the water. Adding the liquid to your bath water will help create a relaxing atmosphere as well as promote healthy skin, according to
    Another simple way to add seaweed to your bath is to place the flakes in an old nylon stocking and to boil the stocking with the seaweed in it for a half hour. You can take the stocking and place it in your bathtub at bath time or you can pour the entire contents from the pot in the bath. ( suggests using bags or stockings in order to keep any seaweed from going down your bathtub drain).

Fresh Seaweed

  • If you are fortunate enough to live near the ocean you can gather your own seaweed for a seaweed bath. Take the seaweed from the ocean water, and not what is washed up on the beach, suggests Add your fresh seaweed as your bathtub is filling but don't forget to remove it before you drain the water.
    Take a seaweed bath at least once a week to fight off the appearance of cellulite (and to get rid of unwanted toxins in your body). Make sure, of course, that you are not allergic to seaweed before placing it in your bathtub. You may want to shower after taking a seaweed bath to completely wash off the toxins.

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