Tips on Decorating a Booth at a Trade Show


Great products may sell themselves, but not if they don't get noticed. At trade shows, each exhibitor is trying to out-do the others to attract attention to their booths. Creating a booth display that is easy to see and find is a large part of the battle. Once people see your booth, they must feel comfortable and be able to see and gather information easily and quickly.


  • Create height in your booth. Some companies make the mistake of laying everything out flat on a table. Even tabletop displays must create height. Purchasing tabletop magazine racks, business card holders and sign holders that stand up make it easier for customers to see your information. Never expect people to lean over your table.

    Even if you are limited to a tabletop display, you can still use a pop-up tabletop display. These displays are easy to assemble and make it easy for visitors to see your information. Height and pop-ups also make it easier for large groups of people to see your exhibit at the same time.

Signs and Banners

  • Never assume people will find you; announce your presence with easy-to-see signs. Large signs hung high, banners and large pictures are easier to see from far away than smaller signs and pictures. You can attract people to your booth from a distance by hanging colorful pictures and easy-to-read signs with big letters. Red letters are easy to read from far away.

Color and Comfort

  • A booth should feel comfortable to customers. If people feel comfortable, they are more likely to spend more time in the booth, and this increases your chance of making a sale.

    Instead of having your visitors stand on a cold floor, bring a warm rug to walk on. Use warm general lighting to keep the booth cheerful, but use directional lighting to highlight display items or sections that you want people to pay attention to.

    Color is important. Professional trade show booths often use cool blues, grays and white to appear slick and professional. To stand out and give a more comfortable feel, consider using warmer tones and include in your display reds and yellows to get attention and brighten the space.


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