Webkinz Cheats for Kinzcash


Large amounts of Kinzcash are necessary to purchase food and other supplies to provide for your Webkinz virtual pet. There are many legitimate avenues from which a player can choose to earn enough Kinzcash for his character, including various trivia games and collecting virtual Webkinz trading cards. There also are multiple ways to manipulate the Webkinz game and credit additional Kinzcash to your account. Utilizing cheat codes will allow you to build your virtual bank account quickly and purchase more items for your Webkinz.

Account Cancellation

  • Using cheat codes to obtain extra Kinzcash in the Webkinz virtual world can result in your account becoming suspended or canceled. According to the "User Code of Conduct" in the Webkinz User Agreement, users must not "attempt to use this Website in a fraudulent manner, including ... cheat codes." Reduce your risk of losing your Webkinz account by using cheat codes sparingly.

Adoption Center

  • Visit the Webkinz Adoption Center and begin the process of creating a new account for a Webkinz pet. Enter the code "117yur5h" when asked to enter the code for your Webkinz. After completing the adoption, log out of your Webkinz account. Log in to your Webkinz account at least two hours later. You should have more Kinzcash in your account, as well as the additional pet that you created earlier.

    Use the adoption code "889ry5ui" at the Adoption Center. This is another cheat that will credit 100,000 Kinzcash directly to your account. Log off from Webkinz after entering the code, and wait two hours before logging back in.

Magical Forest Cheat

  • Click on an advertisement appearing in the lower right corner of the screen to gain access to the Magical Forest level. The advertisement you want to look for reads "Are you up for the challenge? Alyssa's Star Challenge," and contains a fairy on a blue background. From the main screen, right click on "Things To Do" and continue alternating between "Kinz Post" and "Newspaper," causing the advertisements to refresh. Continue refreshing the advertisements until Alyssa's Star Challenge appears.

    Right click on the Alyssa's Star Challenge advertisement. This will bring you to the introductory screen for the Magical Forest. Select one of the four available paths by right clicking. Your cursor will transform into a magic wand and fairies appear suspended on the screen. Move your cursor over a fairy to uncover a prize, such as Kinzcash. Accept this prize. A dialog box entitled "Sorry..." will appear, instructing you to leave the Magical Forest. Instead of clicking "OK," go to the main menu in the upper right corner of the screen and attempt to log off. When the dialog box asks you if you want to log off, select "No." This will bring you back to the introductory screen for the Magical Forest.

    You might uncover a charm or a bad fairy while trying to earn prizes in the Magical Forest. If this happens, you will not be able to manipulate the system by appearing to log off. You will be told that you must wait six hours before revisiting the Magical Forest, but you can continue to visit both the Kinz Post and the Newspaper to scroll for the Alyssa's Star Challenge advertisement and repeat the process.

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